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Selling by Stealth

Book/Paperback: Normally AUD$49 plus GST

E-Book: AUD$16.95 plus GST

Selling by Stealth contains all the tools you need, combined with innovative processes and techniques aimed at supporting you to deliver your planned sales results. From the book you learn how to get under the radar of buyers, how to use Linked-In to prospect and the competencies of the challenger salesperson. If your company needs to start winning or keep winning, when the world of selling has never been more competitive, you need to read this book.

"This book is absolutely on the button in terms of relevance to sales organisations. [It] will reinvigorate your sales teams attention to the real art and science of selecting customers to sell to. The book is a game changer for organisations stuck with low margin customers who want to grow in a post GFC environment" - Thomas Maher, Managing Director and Australian Regional Vice President Apache Energy

"Selling by Stealth really responds to the fact that selling is being re-shaped by the internet and the book provides guidance on who are the right customers, how to effectively find them, and provides very specific approaches to win them" - Don Wilcox, Managing Director Nextera

Video Series of 10 : $795 + GST

This is a video series on Selling by Stealth based on the 90 days sales transformation. This video series has ten different videos that should be used during the 90 days plan. Each video matches the chapters of the book and the Selling by Stealth Framework.

Embracing Change

What is your Change Preparedness Score?

DVD: $29 plus GST

Book/Paperback $34.95 plus GST

The book and DVD:

  • Outline a step by step approach for how leaders implement change.
  • Identifies how to establish a sense of urgency and a guiding coalition of support for change
  • Are supported by sound research on what the ingredients are that will have staff embrace change.

The Secrets of a Great Pitch

A step by step guide to an Amazing Pitch.

A step-by-step guide to deliver an amazing pitch covering simple proven pitching tips to help you win. This is based on how to effectively pitch to win budget approval and deals. You will learn how to develop a superior approach to positioning your bid against those of your competitors using a proven methodology.

Book/Paperback $29.95 plus GST

E-Book: Free

Download the pdf version of the e-book immediately to view the quality of our products.

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Pitching Video Series : $99 plus GST

This is a video series based on the skills and ideas from the book - Secrets of a Great Pitch.

How to Write Prospecting Emails and Leave Voicemail Messages that Get Returned.

E-Book: $19.95 plus GST

Learn how to make emails work and the right voicemail messages to leave. Included are many scripts that can be followed word for word. You also gain access to actual emails and voicemail messages delivered to real clients. In addition included are fantastic resources on how to effectively use LinkedIn,, Hub Spot and Facebook.

How to Tell a Story While Communicating with PowerPoint.

E-Book: $49 plus GST

This e-book covers 30 distinct stories that can be used to add insight into a PowerPoint pack. The themes and messages can be aligned to your stories and powerpoint packs.

The Best 5 PowerPoint Presentations in the World.

E-Book: $39 plus GST

This provides the slides from 5 of the worlds highest rated presentations. The ideas may help your Microsoft Powerpoint and Apple Keynote pack design.

Killer Presentation Openings.

DVD $59 plus GST

This DVD covers 7 ways to start a pitch or presentation that captures the attention of the audience. All content is demonstrated for you to review.

What makes for a Great Presentation. The Presenter Cookbook.

DVD $59 plus GST

This DVDs demonstrates the unique skills that make for the top 5% of presenters delivering Internal Presentations. What to do and what not to do. Includes examples of 3 of the highest rated presentations

Powerpoint Presentation review and feedback

Send any PowerPoint Presentation to have the first and last five pages (10 pages in total) reviewed. Written feedback will be provided within 24 hours. Email to FREE service

PowerPoint Presentation design

$250 plus GST

Need help designing your presentation? Send any PowerPoint Presentation pack and it will be redesigned and returned within 24 hours. Email to

Presentation coaching

Need help rehearsing for a presentation? Send in any iPhone video of a live presentation or a practice presentation and we will review your presentation style. Specific feedback will be provided on the first impression you create, your content and your non-verbals. Email to FREE service

Business documents reviewed

Send in a business document and we will provide documented feedback on your proposal, business report or customer pitch. Email to FREE service

Training Games from the Inside

Second Edition Revised.
Book/Paperback $29.95. plus GST

E-book $15.95 plus GST

First Edition.
Book/Paperback $24.95 plus GST

E-book $15.95 plus GST