Presentation Skills - Discover Presenting

Discover Presenting will have you and your people owning the room at your next pitch or presentation. We’ll teach you the presentation skills you need to be comfortable and confident, and make your audience confident enough with your product to sign the dotted line.

Discover Presenting is a presentation skills course available as an in-house workshop tailored directly to your organisation or delivered to the public. The Discover Performance team works with small groups to ensure personal objectives are achieved and attention given to each participant.

Discover Presenting Approach:

Research - Delivery - Results

Presentation Skills Course Outcomes

  • Prepare an effective presentation within a stipulated time frame
  • Use verbal and non-verbal language to influence audiences
  • Speak clearly, confidently, and persuasively in both prepared and impromptu situations
  • Use gestures, voice variation, audience involvement and analogies to maintain interest
  • Use visual aids to effectively support presentations
  • Present confidently to any audience size
  • Influence attendees to take desired action