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With a team based throughout Australia and New Zealand, Discover Performance is the most versatile provider in the industry. Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds in various industries, so no matter what your business, one of our team members have the knowledge and expertise to help you. When taking on a project, we will send the most appropriate specialist to assist you, irrespective of your location.


Kent Roberts B.Ed

As a Brisbane based consultant, Kent has 10 years experience in adult education, and a personality that could orbit Earth. His attitude and personality allow him to click instantly with staff and start to boost energy immediately. Kent has delivered the Discover Presenting program on more than 500 occasions.

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Jeff Stibbard B.Soc.Sc, M.Ed

Jeff is based in Sydney and with over 15 years of experience, will entertain, facilitate changed behaviours and move your team to action. Jeff is an experienced and inspirational speaker, specialising in the areas of human talent and ability. He has built an impressive client list of large private and public organisations and assisted them with getting results through his extraordinary presentations.

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Karen Morgan B.Comm(Mgt) MBA

Based in Brisbane, Karen is highly experienced in the Discover Sales programs. Stemming from a career as a sales professional, Karen’s forte is in improving sales effectiveness by sales platform thinking, and new business acquisition through quality lead generation.

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Damian Chown B.Bus, MBA

Damian is Sydney based and has extensive experience delivering the Discover Presenting program. Damian works with professional services firms focussing in the finance and legal sectors. Damien has a gift of making learning fun - even for serious people.

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Rick Galling
M.Bus (Mkg) Dip FP

Rick is a Sydney based Discover Services specialist. With extensive experience using simulations and diagnostic tools such as the MBTI and the LSI 360 degree feedback tool, Rick’s has improved the team communication and understanding of numerous organisations, and excels in making strong links back to workplace action plans.

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Joanne Tran
B.Econ NLP

Discover Presenting specialist Joanne is based in Perth. Joanne has achieved noticeable results in improving the energy of staff in the industries of Media, FMCG and retail.

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Allan Minto
M.Ed B.Comm

Allan works out of Sydney, helping organisations improve sales culture from the top down. Allan excels in training leaders in the sales and service methodology, including running effective, participative weekly sales and service meetings.

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Liz May-Loveday B.Soc.Wk Dip Arts

Liz specialises in the Discover Presenting program and is based in Melbourne. Liz understands that customer service skills are what differentiates organisations in competitive markets. Specialising in influencing skills, Liz has helped numerous organisations step ahead of the competition.

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Matthew Taylor
B.Sc Hons

Heading the New Zealand Discover Performance operation, Matthew specialises in tailored internal training in Discover Presenting, and Discover Sales. He has helped many organisations within the pharmaceutical, agriculture and animal health markets.

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Simon Orricke B.Bus

Based in Melbourne, Simon brings with him extensive experience from a long work history in General Management Sales roles. Working for one of Australia’s “Big 4” banks, Simon was responsible for 150 corporate business bankers. He specialises in sales effectiveness, reaching stretched sales targets, and uses the Sales Platform and 7S framework extensively.

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Rosalie Baker
OHS Cert

In charge of program coordination, logistics and client service, Rosalie is responsible for the public presentation skills program and allocating the most suitable specialist, to your organisations’ requirements.

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