Sales Training Course Structure

Business Analysis

Discover Performance conducts a thorough business analysis to diagnose any areas inhibiting sales performance. We analyse both internal and external factors, and gain a thorough understanding of the industry in which you operate.

We work with you to determine your desired business outcomes and key areas of focus, and establish benchmarks to measure improvement by.

Internal areas of focus:

Performing a cross section of the sales organisation to ensure synergy of strategies between different levels and departments.
Analysing the effectiveness of your sales management processes.
Determining the skill sets and knowledge required to achieve the desired results.

Sales Management Development

Our team will not attempt to replace or override the role of management, but act as a catalyst for change. Working with management, we teach individuals and teams new tactics to improve sales performance including:

  • Selecting target clients
  • Implement processes for tracking activity and results
  • Sales forecasting by probability factors

We concentrate on the 5 fundamental principles of managing activity to ensure results are measurable and accountable.

Sales Skills Development

The strength, ability and confidence of your sales team directly correlates with the success and profitability of your business. Our training closes the gap between current and desired behaviours of your team by providing rigorous training and testing.

As a result of working with Discover Performance, your team will have the skills and know-how to confidently sell to clients. This training operates with small groups of 8-16 people, allowing for personal attention.

Sales Skills Development is about:

  • Getting under the radar of cynical buyers
  • Attracting more "A-Class" clients
  • Improving questioning skills
  • Backwards planning, delay factors and activity vs skills
  • Knowing how to sell via conversation instead of spiel
  • Communicating the value proposition
  • How to set price points
  • Closing sales with confidence
  • Reducing cognitive dissonance pre-emptively
  • Practice simulations
  • Writing effective sales proposals
  • Selecting the right opportunities
  • Formulating individual plans for success

Management Results

As a results-orientated program, Discover Performance provides the tools to measure performance improvement, accountability and progress of your business. Results are tracked quantifiably by statistics and reports and through visible improvement of business energy.

Measurement tools include:

  • DVD’s documenting individuals before and after training
  • Written progress reports based on field coaching
  • Sales improvement benchmarked against past sales results
  • Quantifiable goals and targets
  • Forecasting of future sales