Course Structure

Discover Presenting is a public speaking and presentation skills course, offered both to the public, and to business organisations. If there is a need for presentation and public speaking skills in your organisation, Discover Presenting will have you and your team communicating with confidence.

Both the public presentation skills course, and the customised Discover Presenting course tailored to your organisation, follow the same course structure as follows.


We thoroughly research the goals and background of every participant, whether the workshop is being delivered in-house or publicly.

We take the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of your:

  • Objectives
  • Business
  • Previous experience
  • Key areas to work on


Workshops are delivered in an engaging and informative way, and involve a large practical element to facilitate learning.

Content is tailored to the individual to give you maximum benefit. Each workshop works on a ratio of one trainer to six attendees to ensure maximum personal attention.

Topics cover the whole presenting and pitching process – from planning through to follow-up. At course conclusion, participants are able to effectively plan a presentation and deliver it confidently and comfortably and achieve the presentations objective.

Presentation Skills topics covered include:

  • Persuasive pitches and proposals
  • Developing pitch strategy and structure
  • Earning the right to speak
  • Building rapport
  • Drawing audience attention and thirst
  • What to say in your presentation
  • Controlling nerves
  • Preparing materials and slides
  • Using visual media to support what you say (not say it for you)
  • Prepared and impromptu speaking
  • Improve non-verbal communication
  • Handling and responding to audience questions
  • Understanding and adapting to your audience
  • Selling your ideas and recommendations


Discover Presenting is a results-driven program. We measure your improvement and provide you with action plans and amazing post-course resources to aid your improvement.

Measurement tools include:

  • Action plans for each participant
  • DVD’s showing each participant's progress and recorded trainer feedback
  • Detailed reports on each individual reviewing their live presentation